Classroom Camera

In the era of video lectures and interactive experiences, video recording equipment has become an essential tool for the modern educator. The active use of the flipped classroom model is pushing more and more educators toward finding new and more creative ways to deliver study material to students. This includes creating more engaging and high-quality video lectures.

Angekis Blade 4K is designed for those who need the highest quality of images. Equipped with 5x 4K zoom, the camera can deliver exceptional 4K resolution at 30FPS, or Full HD at 60 FPS. The wide-angle field of view (86.5°) helps to ensure that everyone in the room gets to be part of a single stunning image. Advanced RF technology allows the remote (included) to be used from any angle.

Wireless Microphone & Speaker

The Angekis Cleartalk is the perfect portable and wireless USB microphone for video lecture capture complete with a charging dock for wireless charging.

With a full-duplex omni directional microphone the Cleartalk ASP-04 utilizes a direct 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver meaning no more work pairing bluetooth devices with a low quality audio connection! This plug and play wireless system will change your opinion on “Wireless USB Microphones”. Its so easy to use, simply turn on the speakerphone and plug in the wireless USB receiver. No pairing! Your favorite e-learning app will automatically recognize the Cleartalk as your USB microphone device. Don’t spend another minute with messy cables, pairing devices or inferior sound quality!

Large Teaching Room & Auditorium Camera

Lecture halls are typically big, sometimes dark, and usually full of people. As a result, common camera lecture recording solutions can produce videos that is noisy, out-of-focus, or obstructed. Furthermore, some lecturers prefer to move around when they present.

Angekis Saber AP is designed to provide vivid color and a crisp image quality. Equipped with 12x Optical Zoom, the camera can deliver exceptional Full HD resolution at 60 FPS. Saber AP includes an auto tracking function that utilizes facial, shape, and motion tracking to accurately follow the presenter / instructor.

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