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Distance Training and Lecturing with Live Webcasting

Customer: Altium Training – European Center of Professional Studies

Panopto does even more to help you enhance learning with video.

Record Lectures

Select any combination of camera feeds, slideshows, or screens to share — Panopto records up to four video streams simultaneously, automatically synchronized, in brilliant high-definition.

Live Stream

One-click for broadcasting secure video streams at scale which works with your existing network infrastructure.

Remote Scheduling

Control and automate video recording in conference rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums from a web browser or smartphone.

Edit Online

Trim unwanted parts of your video, or split existing videos into smaller clips. Embed quizzes, polls, and surveys.

Drag-and-Drop Video Upload

Centralize and manage all of your video files. With a simple drag and drop, you can upload videos one by one or hundreds at a time.

Video Transcoding

All the videos you upload are automatically transcoded for optimal playback on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Interactive Video Players

Panopto’s video player creates an engaging viewing experience through multi-screen HD playback and interactive features that are designed to improve learning experiences.

Mobile Apps

With automatic device detection and mobile apps for iOS and Android, Panopto offers an optimized viewing experience with fast startup and minimal buffering, regardless of connection speed.

Video Content Management

Centrally manage your recorded lectures and additional classroom videos in a secure, searchable video platform that integrates seamlessly with your e-class platform. With easy administration, readymade LMS integrations, scalable hosting, and the best video search, Panopto is the leading video content management system for education.

Smart Search

Smart Search automatically indexes every word spoken or shown on-screen, so your students can find and fast-forward to the exact moment in videos where their search was mentioned. Whether the video was created with Panopto or not, every video uploaded to your video library is searchable.

Lecture Capture

Capturing a lecture with Panopto is as easy as opening a laptop and clicking “record.” Panopto automatically recognizes any connected cameras and microphones and remembers professors’ recording settings to make setup simple. 

Lecture Live Broadcasting

Live Stream your lecture with just one click. HLS technology (used by Netflix) ensures that video can be delivered simultaneously to all your students with no freezes. With Panopto, students can ask questions, take notes and leave bookmarks for themselves right inside the video player. They can also interact with classmates just like they would in a physical classroom environment.

Live Stream events

Panopto’s one-click webcasting capability makes it easy to live broadcast graduation ceremonies, host sports and music performances and even share securely guest lectures with external audiences and host.

Active Learning

Panopto’s simple in-video quizzing capabilities help instructors test comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make their videos more engaging. Instructors can create and add multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to their recordings in seconds, directly from the Panopto online video editor.

Video Accessibility

Panopto gives you to support differently abled students. Users who are visually impaired or who have motor disabilities can access all Panopto’s functions with the tab key. Panopto works also with screen reader tools that are designed to read text displayed on-screen aloud for users with blindness or visual impairment.

Play Everywhere

You don’t have to be an expert or own the latest computer technology to use Panopto. No other video platform is as easy to administer, or as flexible for students and faculty. It’s easy enough for first-time users to be up and running in minutes on the device of their choice (PC, Tablet or Smartphone).

Recommended Equipment

Interactive Smartboard

Classroom Camera

Classroom Wireless Microphone

"Panopto use provided for us a seamless, convenient and learning supportive experience via the VLE integration. It has surely expanded the means for knowledge sharing in an effortless and direct way."
Angeliki Pasvanti
Coordinator Blackboard Learn LMS - American College of Greece

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