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Panopto is a secure video library for publishing and sharing recorded classes, flipped classroom videos, morning announcements, events, board meetings, professional development sessions, student assignments, and more.

Why Panopto?

K-12 educators have limited time to engage students, develop interactive video learning experiences, and provide actionable insight into a student’s learning. Schools need to adapt to more flexible models for the delivery of instruction under almost any conditions. Panopto is the leading K-12 Video solution enabling interactive VOD and live experiences for K-12 educators.

Why Now?

K-12 education continues to face numerous challenges within an ever-changing education environment. K-12 leaders can embrace opportunities emerging in the post-pandemic world to leverage K-12 video solutions, provide a more flexible and scalable video infrastructure, and to rely heavily on innovative ways to engage and assess students. Panopto helps school rise to the challenge and accelerate a streamlined delivery of video content while improving the learning outcomes, success, and reputation of the school.

Engage Your Students, Staff & Community

Engagement is a key factor in determining how much information a viewer will retain from a video they watch. Our goal at Panopto is to increase video engagement to increase the effectiveness of your videos. Panopto customers increase learning, retention, and the amount of time a viewer watches a video through our video engagement tools. We offer Video Notes, Video Quizzes, Video Search, Smart Chapters, Video Bookmarks, Video Comments, and Discussions to make sure viewers don’t tune out in the middle of your video content.

Online and Hybrid Education

Panopto can be used to support blended, hybrid, and online learning experience to ensure more students have access to equitable online learning using video. Teachers and students can inform each other and enhance engagement, communication and learning by creating video lessons with Panopto’s video recording tools for viewing anytime, anywhere.

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Video Management

Do you need to securely organize video, playlist and folders? Panopto’s video content management system was built for storing and managing video assets safely, at scale. Our K-12 customers manage and organize Class Recordings, Screencasts, Live Streams, Events and Video Playlists.

Video Search and Discovery

Panopto instantly transforms your school videos into just-in-time learning resources, indexing every video using speech recognition and text recognition. That means that students, teachers, and staff who need answers can search everything inside your video library and fast-forward to the precise point in any video where their keywords occur.

Zoom, Teams, and Webex Management

When you integrate Panopto with your Zoom, Teams, or Webex, it’s easier for your school community to quickly find and securely share information captured in classroom recordings and other video assets. With Panopto’s web conferencing integrations, you can automate time-consuming and complicated video workflows to ensure your school is able to utilize both on-demand and live Zoom, Teams, or Webex video for rapid information sharing.

Morning Announcements

Panopto’s video streaming and recording tools allows students, educators, and administrators to do much more than blast audio morning announcements over the public address system. Schools can now engage the school community with live or recorded video while allowing students to create and produce the broadcasts, creating morning announcements that will captivate the entire school.

Stream and Record Video in the LMS

It may be the central hub for your learning classes and professional development programs, but even today’s most advanced learning management systems weren’t built for video. Panopto solves those challenges, and makes it possible to record, view, search, and manage your videos without ever leaving your LMS.

Community Engagement

With Panopto, you can unify school communication, meet students and teachers where they are, and build a stronger school climate and culture using a video. Panopto enables you to create a custom branded school YouTube™ to engage your community inside and outside of the classroom.

Class Capture

Record classroom-based video lessons and share them with students using our dedicated software and apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Panopto’s flexible class capture software gives you the ability to record online, offline, and anywhere you can take your smartphone. It’s easy enough for first-time users to be up and running in minutes, yet powerful enough to be used by AV teams for recording professional-quality multi-camera live events.

Accessible Video

Panopto gives you to support differently abled students. Users who are visually impaired or who have motor disabilities can access all Panopto’s functions with the tab key. Panopto works also with screen reader tools that are designed to read text displayed on-screen aloud for users with blindness or visual impairment.

Live Events

Panopto expands your reach beyond the classroom to connect with your community. School districts can broadcast musical, athletic, and board meeting events and engage your audience anywhere. Also, your streams can be secure or public and you can track your live event’s statistics so you know how many people are watching.

Active Learning

Panopto’s simple in-video quizzing capabilities help instructors test comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make their videos more engaging. Instructors can create and add multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to their recordings in seconds, directly from the Panopto online video editor.

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"Panopto use provided for us a seamless, convenient and learning supportive experience via the VLE integration. It has surely expanded the means for knowledge sharing in an effortless and direct way."
Angeliki Pasvanti
Coordinator Blackboard Learn LMS - American College of Greece

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