The perfect all-in-one solution for the classroom.

Designed by teachers, for teachers


anti-glare image
no shadows

Ideal for hybrid teaching
& video conferencing

Replaces the projectors


65 - 75 - 86

Remote Cloud Management

Greek language

Free Apps

without subscriptions and hidden costs

Wireless or Wired connectivity from PC, mobile & tablet

Featured Software

Free apps and software

Realistic Writing

Experience realistic writing with CleverInk technology on IMPACT Lux. Write, erase, scroll, and comment seamlessly without switching modes. Boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration with this intuitive solution for interactive displays.

Quick Note

Let intuition take over and write as you would with a pen and whiteboard.

Simple Erase

Erase accurately and hygienically
with just one flip

Dynamic Annotation

Dynamic comments in PowerPoint. Write scroll and comment seamlessly in Windows OS.

Choose from 3 models

that best fit your needs


Interactive Whiteboard
  • Stand Alone Device
  • Dozens of apps and games for all levels of education (Maths, Physics, Foreign Languages, STEM etc.)
  • No ads, in-app purchases or any inappropriate content.
  • Integrates file browser, web browser, office suite, media player, whiteboard


Interactive Whiteboard
  • The first EDLA-certified interactive whiteboard from Google
  • Enhanced security
  • Latest GEN processor & graphics card
  • Antibacterial Screen Glass and power button
  • Google Play Store for installing your favourite apps
  • Multitasking with floating windows
  • High Precision Sensor Touch on the frame with palm rejection
  • NFC card for fast login to your Google & Microsoft accounts

Windows Pro

Interactive Whiteboard
  • Simultaneous Windows & Android operation
  • State-of-the-art processors for demanding applications
  • Link to the organization's domain
  • 16 GB RAM for seamless application multitasking
  • HDMI out for connecting a second screen

Combine it with...

Professional Cameras

Stands & Trolleys


Do you already own an older whiteboard?

Check here your upgrade options
Connect the LUX Mini to your Clevertouch panel to experience the enhanced functionality of the most up-to-date Clevertouch software. Immerse yourself in the future of interactive displays, complete with the added convenience of Google EDLA (Embedded Device License for Android), making LUX Mini the optimal choice for a versatile and modern interactive display solution.



What the FAQ

Can I video conference with the Interactive Monitor? If so, can remote participants see the notes being taken on the screen?

Yes, all popular applications such as Teams, Zoom, Skype and WebEx are supported! Interactive Displays incorporate a multi-directional microphone and support all commercially compatible cameras. Interactive Screen content can be “shared” for remote participants to view in real-time.

Why should I choose an Interactive Display over a smart projector?

1. They are future proof.
2. They have anti-glare glass to avoid reflections of natural light or from ceiling lights.
3. They feature tempered glass coating for great durability and protection
4. No calibration required
5. No need to change the lamp every few months
6. They have excellent accuracy and speed of writing
7. They have a long lifetime (~50,000 hours of use) and a 5-year warranty!

Can I wire my computer to the monitor?

Of course! One USB-C cable is enough to transfer video, audio and touch! On older computers, the connection is made with two cables (HDMI for picture and sound & USB for touch). All cables are included inside the monitor package.

Can I connect wirelessly to the monitor?

Of course! In fact, there are three ways:
1. Without installing an app: AirPlay for Apple devices (macOS, iOS and iPadOS), Google Cast for Android devices and Miracast for Windows 10/11 devices.
2. For Windows and Apple devices, Windows for Android devices and Windows for Android devices, Windows for Windows 10 and Windows for Apple devices and Windows for Android devices: Available for free download on Android, Apple and Windows. The app enables simultaneous wireless viewing of up to 6 devices on the Interactive Display simultaneously.
3. Via external dongle: The dongle is sold separately and requires the mobile device to have a USB-C port. Recommended in corporate environments with heightened security policies.

How many cables are required to operate the Interactive Display?

Only one cable, the power cable! And a second one, of course, in case the Internet connection is wired and not via Wi-Fi.

Do the apps in the Cleverstore online store have a cost?

Absolutely none! All apps are complete and absolutely free forever.

What mount should I take?

If you don’t want the monitor to move, the wall mount is the ideal way to mount it. If the wall is drywall, it should be checked that it can support the weight of the screen, and if necessary, reinforced.
If you are interested in moving the screen, the wheeled stand is the best choice.
If you are interested in easily adjusting the height of the screen, the wall-mounted electric or wheeled electric stand is the best choice.

Can I share/save the notes I have made on the screen?

Of course! His notes can be saved:

in the internal storage space of the screen
on a USB stick / hard disk
Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive
on a network hard drive (e.g. NAS)

or downloaded to mobile via QR code displayed on the screen!

What does high precision in writing mean?

It means that writing on the Interactive Screen is so fast that you’ll think you’re writing on a real whiteboard!

Which size should I choose?

The suggested size depends on the distance to the furthest viewer. For distance

up to 4,5 metres the recommended dimension is 65″
up to 5,5 metres the recommended dimension is 75″.
up to 6,5 metres, a dimension of 86″ is recommended
up to 8 metres, a dimension of 98″ is recommended

How many people can write on the screen at the same time?

There is no restriction. The Interactive Display supports, depending on the model you choose, 40 to 50 simultaneous touch points.

Do I need to purchase the pens separately?

No, each Interactive Screen includes two pens in its packaging. You can purchase additional pens at a very small charge.

What exactly does the NFC card do?

With the NFC card, users can have their access credentials stored, and securely, on the Interactive Display for automatic login to Microsoft and Google services. The same card can be used on all compatible screens and is recommended for users who use several different screens (e.g. teachers in a school). This feature is available on selected models.

Which model should I choose?

Android: Ideal for small/medium user needs

Google: For more advanced needs

Windows Pro: For those who use dedicated Windows Apps and they aren’t available in other platforms/OS

What support will I have?

All our models come with a comprehensive 5-year support plan. This ensures you receive reliable assistance and maintenance for any issues that may arise, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing optimal performance throughout the product’s lifespan. Enjoy the confidence of long-term support with every purchase.

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